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eCommerce B2B solution based on Workarea platform

Providing customers with the latest B2B technology which also addressed some of the industrial intricacies without the need for bespoke development was a key consideration in selecting the Workarea B2B solution. This allowed to go live quickly and easily with a system that is fully integrated with their ERP solution removing the need for additional administration whilst giving customers access to real-time information.

Technology Stack:

Ruby/Rails | MongoDB | jQuery | SASS | Workarea | ElasticSearch | OAuth 2.0 | HAML

eCommerce B2C solution based on Workarea platform

We developed this bespoke Workarea e-commerce web store to help our client improve their online presence and increase revenue. The new design is fresh and modern and caters for five responsive breakpoints; meaning the site functions equally as well on a Desktop PC, as it does on an iPad or smartphone. The back-end system with our custom integrations and bespoke modules, provides many additional features to enhance the stores marketing potential. Along with custom management features to improve the site administration and order fulfillment process.

Technology Stack:

Ruby/Rails | MongoDB | jQuery | SASS | Workarea | ElasticSearch | OAuth 2.0 | HAML

EdTech platform

Online language learning system. Developed cutting edge platform connects students with the most dedicated teachers around the world for one-on-one online language lessons.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails | MongoDB | React.js

EdTech platform

Edtech startup that focuses on the automation of rewarding students and teachers via points and prizes while fostering team comradery. Platform launches academic challenges to students to target their intrinsic motivation for learning and securing a better future after high school.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails | MongoDB | React.js

Auction house software

Next generation software for a London based auction house. A web-based platform for online bidding and auction management. System supports eBay integration.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails | MongoDB | React.js

Discount application

Commerce app that brings users fresh local deals and discounts.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails | MongoDB | React.js

Instagram marketing automation toolset

Developing and supporting growth-by-hand marketing automation system.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails | MongoDB | React.js

Instagram Influencer Marketing platform

Developing and supporting innovative Instagram campaign management system.

Technology Stack:

Javascript | NestJS (NodeJS, Typescript) | ExpressJS | MongoDB | React.js

eCommerce solution based on OCC platform

We helped in creating a high-functioning feature rich eCommerce site for Fortune 500 company. Company supplies products and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers. The new eCommerce experience elevates the brand’s digital presence, and guides users to revamped product detail pages, through a streamlined site architecture.

Technology Stack:

Oracle Commerce Cloud | RequireJS | Knockout.js | LESS

Domain bidding tool

System supports registrar in buying a set of domains that suit their customers need. Tool automates the process of domain name bidding by scrapping data from auctions (NameJet, SnapNames, Godaddy, etc), expert filtering, automatic bidding based on predefined strategy. System emulates auctioneer's actions and does not require human neither to actively track bidding state nor participate in bidding seasonably.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | MySQL | Ruby on Rails | Java

Educational Platform

Developing and supporting cutting edge Educational Platform that allows clients to find other people for efficient studying of foreign languages. Platform supports 60+ languages including different educational materials, audio/video chat and uses sophisticated search for native speakers, teachers, interpreters and everyone willing to learn foreign language.

Technology Stack:

NodeJS | ReactJS | Cassandra | MySQL | WebRTC | Socket.io | OAuth 2.0 | Kafka

Marketing Platform

Developing and supporting Big Data solution to connect advertisers with mobile audiences at relevant marketable moments. Solution includes the most advanced omni-channel marketing platform, industry leading rich media, unique measurement and analytics, and the only mobile distribution network delivering unmatched results.

One of the most challenging tasks we solved was 48h SLA delivery over a hundred of different Analytical reports. Each report itself is a complicated multimodule ETL application, that processes historical data for several weeks/months analyzing 6 billion rows from RTB logs coming daily.

Technology Stack:

PySpark | Scala | Python | Luigi | Hadoop(MapR) | MySQL | Docker | Kubernetes | Spring

Ecommerce Microservices

Developing and maintaining multi-brand Rails-based microservice eCommerce platform. System is comprised of 20+ microservices communicating via HTTP and RabbitMQ. Making platform-wide implementations affecting several lines of business.

DevOps: Continuous deployment, using Docker for dynamically generated, full-stack QA environments, establishing a largely automated daily Deploy Train process.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails 4 | Docker | MySQL | Vagrant | Chef | Angular.js | Backbone.js

New gen couponing system

Designing and developing game changing, disruptive platform that enables business owners to do the marketing and advertising that they want to do, when they want to do it, under their terms, for free. Platform provides businesses of any kind, anywhere on a global scale with the ability to compete with larger businesses that have a large marketing budget.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Rails 4 | Heroku | MySQL | jQuery | Coffeescript

International social fundraising product

Designing and developing international social fundraising product. The application is designed to encourage users to socialize offline and render support to those in need at the same time, anywhere around the world. For example, create an auction to raise money for someone who needs treatment or take part in an existing auction with a similar outcome. Backend application development included stateless REST service integrated with Amazon Web Services, geocoding services (OpenStreeMap nominatim), billing system (Stripe). Mobile app development for iOS and Android.

Technology Stack:

Java 8 | Undertow | Jersey | Swagger | Amazon Web Services | DynamoDB | S3 | EC2 (Linux instance) | Elastic | Beanstalk | Elastic Cache | Elastic Load Balancer | Simple Notification Service | Simple Email Service | Lambda | Stripe | Spock test framework

Educational system

Developing specialized content management system for educational content provider. System incorporates two primary web-based components: an end-user interface to allow educators and other consumers to browse, search, and export educational materials, and an administrative interface that allows users to import content into the site from a variety of sources and manage the existing content library.

Technology Stack:

Ruby on Rails | RSpec | PostgreSQL | React.js

Appointment Scheduling

Flexible software for small and mid sized companies working in service sector that allows to set up company processes without serious financial and timing expenses.

Main features:

Appointment scheduling Managing business hours and employee schedule Customer management | Online booking SMS and Email notifications Support offices,locations,and resources Analytics

Technology Stack:

Java | PostgreSQL | Angular.js

Migration from legacy

Designing and building migration from legacy low automated deployment process to containerization with Kubernetes, building monitoring system based on ELK stack + Apache Hive and fully automated CI/CD processes. As result time to market has grown to 3.5 times in one year with 100% production SLA.

Technology Stack:

Kubernetes | Helm | Docker | AWS | ELK | Apache Hive | Apache Kafka | Terraform

Infrastructure maintenance

Maintain and improve infrastructure of big social network: migrate from legacy to dockerized infrastructure with orchestration, automate huge amount of manual tasks with Ansible, support AWS ECS environment, develop jenkins pipeline infrastructure from the scratch. Provide full AWS support (EC2, VPC, CloudWatch, ELB, ElasticCache, RDS, ElasticSearch, etc.).

Technology Stack:

Docker | AWS | ECS | Ansible | Jenkins Pipelines | Terraform

ML based startup

AI-powered tool to make the content more shareable among specific audiences.

System suggests which headline to choose, how to optimize and where to distribute your content in order to get exponential traffic growth.

Innovative instrument for all kind of content creators such as marketers, editors, publishers who want to automate manual work, get surprised by insights from big data and to beat the competitors with unexpected popularity.

Technology Stack:

Ruby Ruby on Rails | MySQL | Python | Pandas | Scipy | NumPy | NLTK

Singapore-based startup

Providing support for Singapore-based startup company. Responsible for design and developing CI/CD process for existing weak automated EC2 infrastructure. Aim of continuous delivery for this project is to provide minimum time to market for innovative features. All teams: developers, devops, and QA teams were involved in the whole continuous process. Accordance to SLA 99.9% for production environment. Increased feature to market time from 1 month to 2 days.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby on Rails | MySQL | Python | Pandas | Scipy | NumPy | NLTK

eCommerce web application

Developing and maintenance of high load eCommerce web application that provides sellers everything they need to sell online and through its shopping marketplace, access to an ongoing stream of customers looking to discover and support them. App is based on Google Cloud Platform.

All infrastructures use Kubernetes as container orchestrator with multiple namespaces. CI/CD Processes build on jenkins pipelines team involved in continuous deployment with instant feedback to teams.

Technology Stack:

Java 9 | Spring Boot 2 | Lombok | React.js | MongoDB | GCP

eCommerce social platform

Online marketplace enables social influencers, individual entrepreneurs and shop brands to curate, organize, and showcase rich multi-media content within “interest-based” communities (Food, Events, Travel, Fitness, Beauty, and Fashion). Lifestyle-focused social platform stimulates users to monetize their popularity, passion or expertise through the creation of media-rich micro channels.

Technology Stack:

PHP | MySQL | Less | Angular.js | jQuery | AWS

Content management solution

Developing and maintaining proprietary content management solution for European media company. Automating editorial process (news, posts, columns), proprietary comments, publishing schedule, content activity tracking, complex branding. Workflows, roles and content types: solution is fully customizable and makes it easy to build, manage and coordinate a content team.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby on Rails 4 | RSpec | Angular.js | MySQL | GCP

Blockchain project

Designing and building complete organizational solution and reservation system for nautical industry investments. The project is based on Hyperledger fabric framework, it includes straightforward HTTP API and iframe solution. Implementing proprietary logic for storing and processing security token(tangible asset). DevOps: deployment automation of multicomponent blockchain system, managing cryptography certificates.

Technology Stack:

Java | Hyperledger fabric | Docker | Ansible | VPC | ELK | Jenkins Pipeline

Dynamic management system

Designing and developing proprietary business management product intended to plan, track and manage projects with the ability to create flexible customizations. Main features: custom filters, customizable workflows, rich API, robust reporting. DevOps project was aimed at building dynamic infrastructure based on scalable graph oriented database (Titan DB) and Apache Cassandra.

Technology Stack:

Java | Titan DB | Cassandra | Redis | ELK | Groovy Script engine

IT job online marketplace platform

Developing and supporting online marketplace that aggregates, organizes, and showcases national pool of live talent to top IT companies. A company creates a profile with details of their business and brand, then generates specific job posting with details, date(s), and price. Once the job is submitted, verified, and published, the talent pool can view and apply for the job. System allows professionals to showcase their unique career strengths and goals, marketing their personal skills, talents, work-styles, career aspirations and job-change receptivity. Job seekers can connect and interact with employers and hiring managers via in-app chat. Powered by intelligent machine-learning algorithms, platform recommends the best opportunities for your specific profile and interests, daily.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby On Rails | PostgreSQL | Capistrano | jQuery | Redis

Community web platform

Developing and maintaining a web platform dedicated to independent community around Information and Communication Technology where professionals, enthusiasts, students and employers meet and chat. The specialists of the company monitor the evolving information technology industry, tracking and selecting for its users the important and useful information. Daily articles, news, reviews and other content induce community members to interact and share their experience, thoughts and knowledge. Companies, whose business is software engineering use community features as having their own company blog or posting job offerings.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby On Rails | MySQL | Capistrano | jQuery | Redis

Online journal

Developing and deploying to production flagship product of European government organization: online journal dedicated to professional juridical audience. It offers its users with the high quality content covering the state of the national juridical situation, legal institutions, scientific research, and case studies.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby On Rails | MySQL | Capistrano | React.js | Less

Platform to co-create “social gifts”

Developing and maintaining an online scalable platform to co-create physical, personalized, “social gifts” for key life events such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and corporate employee/client appreciation. Platform enables high-scale collaboration that turns into beautifully designed cards.

Technology Stack:

Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Javascript | Backbone.js | PostgreSQL | Heroku

eCommerce system for healthcare supplier

Designing, developing and maintaining online eCommerce system for a company offering health care and diabetic supplies to consumers, professionals, and doctors.

Key features:

multiple customer groups with different pricing policy (bronze, silver, gold) | implementing price surcharge mechanism instead of build-in discount rules | group membership logic customization (subscription expiration checking) | reward points | superpoints functionality | Authorize.net payment

Technology Stack:

PHP | Javascript | jQuery | MySQL | AWS

Сloud marketing solution

Working on software platform offering brands, publishers, and civic institutions publishing tools used for creating social, place-based experiences. Dynamic open platform intuitively delivers media-rich experiences, combining video, image, sound, mapping and text features in one place. Developing ESRI based prototype of cloud marketing solution that combines content with data intelligence to automate marketing efforts and generate leads.

Technology Stack:

PHP | Javascript | jQuery | ESRI Maps | AWS


Packaging design for an accessories brand based in Milan.

Product photographs are taken in a professional studio and graphics are applied on a capboard box. The dimensions of the box are selected according to the requirements of the client.

Social Media Marketing plan designed after careful target audience research based on the identity of the brand, including content creation.

Banners and animations created for the product promotion in web and on printed materials.


UX/UI Design and Social Media Marketing plan are designed after careful target audience research based on the identity of the brand for interior design studio in Pisa, using existing visual content of the brand.

Brand identity & UX/Ui design, digital product presentation

Full cicle of market analysis and brand identity development, based on the target audience research. UX and GUI development based on the brand identity and user testing. Digital product presentation with 3D mockups and aminated graphics.

Brand identity design

Complete brand identity development or rebranding, including brand identity kit with style guides, business cards and packaging design for a clothing brand based in Moscow.

Brand identity & UX/Ui design

Full cicle of market analysis and brand identity development, based on the target audience research. UX and GUI development based on the brand identity and user testing.

Brand identity & UX/Ui design

Complete brand identity & UX/UI Design development for online art gallery based in Amsterdam.

Brand identity & UX/UI Design

Full cicle of market analysis and brand identity development for Interior design products retail company. Target audience research. UX and GUI development based on the brand identity and user testing.

Poster design, product photography

Design concept of the poster develped based on the product target audience and the identity of the brand. Product photography made in professional studio with a shaping light, edited for the perfect cleanliness in Adobe Photoshop, composed in leaflets and banners.

Poster design, product photography

Design concept of the poster develped based on the product target audience and the identity of the brand. Product photography made in professional studio with a shaping light, edited for the perfect cleanliness in Adobe Photoshop, composed in banners.

Brand identity design

Complete brand identity development, including brand identity kit with style guides, business cards and packaging design for a clothing brand based in Moscow.

Visual identity kit: Poster, catalogue & invitation

Design concept of the poster, catalogue and invitations for the design exhibition develped based on the style of the designer - Ettore Sottsass.

Product photography made in professional studio with a shaping light, edited for the perfect cleanliness in Adobe Photoshop.

Special types of paper are chosen for the print of envelopes and invitations.

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