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Product development

We bring our highly effective blend of creativity and technical skills to your development project. We offer a complete range of product development services to bring your new design to market.

B2C/B2B eCommerce solutions

We are integrators, designers and consultants focused on the next generation of eCommerce platforms. Our proprietary plugins and customizations decrease implementation effort and deliver seamless experience at the right time.

On demand development

We build motivated agile team working in a pay-as-you-go model. Our clients benefit from significant cost savings and business processes optimization.

Team extension

We have top industry talent and unique development solutions, designed to help you grow your technical team quickly and cost effectively. Hire our dedicated developers, QA engineers, or get our consultation first.

Models of Co-operation: Custom Projects & Time-and-Materials

Engage a reliable and involved team with your project.

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships as the go-to outsourcing partner in Belarus and smaller, fixed price tasks are a good way to start.

Track progress at all stages of development
You can easily vary scope of work during the development and implementation
Firm project management and on-time delivery
Services are payable by the hour

Dedicated Team Model

We build professional, full-time dedicated teams in Belarus. We thoroughly analyze all of your requirements and assemble the best IT specialists to work exclusively on your particular projects.

Our staff team is to work for you, as a part of your production, management, training and all other processes
Always motivated and well organized
Transparent budget and reporting
Competitive cost

IT Expert on Demand

We provide top-notch developers that will help you implement the best practices of product development.

Our professionals have a long history working with Agile development methodology on numerous projects, and they will share their real world experience with your dedicated team.

Design product roadmap
Improve performance, stabilize architecture
Implement CI/CD
Conclude previous development team

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